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Capital Credit Repair

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Good Credit is Important

We bring decades of proven industry expertise
in driving our credit repair approach.
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Decrease Debt

Cleaning up errors, past judgments and overdue accounts on your credit report improves your credit score.

Strength in Numbers

Your credit controls a lot in your life. A bad FICO score could determine whether or not you can get a car loan, mortgage, and more.

Financial Security

We take time to understand your financial situation, ensuring a positive future for you. We help you devise easy plans to keep your credit score high.

Repair your credit, repair your life.

Why Capital Credit Repair? Simple: The Capital Credit Repair Difference.

We work 24/7 around the clock for our customers. You will have a cell phone number for your credit counselor, not an “800” number answered by an automated machine.

We offer a refund policy: If we don’t achieve results, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple. Increasing your credit is our job and we love what we do.

You will have a dedicated account manager taking care of your account. No more being passed from customer service, to billing, to sitting on hold. Your time is valuable.

We offer cleaner credit in as little as 30 to 45 days as opposed to other credit repair companies who can take up to a year.

Upon receipt of your credit report we will conduct a line-by-line review, note your issues, and email you the list of items we have identified as dispute candidates for your review.

We do in-depth analysis of your credit and provide you with education to clean your credit and to keep it that way.

Is it expensive to clean up my credit?

It’s more expensive not to clean up your credit. Considering how much extra money you pay in high interest charges with a bad credit score, we do believe that the best credit repair services are worth the price. A higher FICO score can result in better interest rates on loans, mortgages, credit cards, and more. If you have a poor credit score and need to fix your credit fast, Capital Credit Repair will get you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Why is good credit so important to me?

Your credit controls so much in your life. A bad FICO score could determine whether or not you can get a car loan, mortgage or business financing. Did you know some employers pull your credit report when determining whether to hire you? Insurance agencies and rental companies could determine your rate or eligibility based on your credit rating. Whether you have gotten behind in your bills, have been a victim of identity theft, or have good credit and want to preserve or increase your credit score, keeping your credit in good standing is important.

How is Capital Credit Repair different?

There are literally thousands of credit repair sites on the internet and television. Each of them offers the same end game – clean credit. But, how many actually succeed in getting you the results you need? How many actually acknowledge that you aren’t just a number in their system, but a human being who needs the guidance, attention and care to help you remedy your bad credit issues? How many are willing to listen to your story? Capital Credit Repair is willing, ready and able.

At Capital Credit Repair we respect your privacy.

Your privacy will be protected and respected. We do not clean up your credit only to sell your information to loan companies like some credit restoration companies do.

Credit repair companies can do that?

Absolutely not.  At least, they aren’t supposed to, but there are always people out there looking to prey on those not in the “know” or presenting themselves as legitimate credit repair companies.  Whether you decide to go with Capital Credit Repair or some other company, be aware of the following:

It is also against the law for these services to require you to sign these rights away. This means if a clause within your contract allows a service to violate any of the above requirements, you will not be held accountable to them in court.

The Federal Credit Repair Organizations Act of 1996 allows the Federal Trade Commission to set rules for credit reporting and other financial services in order to crack down on fraudulent companies and practices. The Act specifically requires five practices of credit repair agencies which we have posted in a checklist to the right for you.  If these criteria are not being met by your credit repair company, then they aren’t doing right by you as a consumer.  Capital Credit Repair always adheres to all Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Provide a written statement of your consumer rights regarding your credit

Accurately represent what services they can and cannot provide

Not collect payment until all promised work is done

Provide a written contract

Allow you to cancel the contract within three business days after signing; however, this must be done in writing

I want to clean up my credit once and for all! How do I get started?

Simple, give us a call. The phone will be answered in a timely fashion. We won’t take your personal information over the phone, but rather, schedule an appointment in person so that you can feel safe, comfortable and know that there is a real person who is actively working for you. Proceed with confidence knowing that we live, work and play on Long Island, just like you. Our families and friends are here. We are a part of your community. We want to give you the very best treatment you deserve in a timely manner. Word of mouth is everything in this business and we want to get, maintain and keep serving Long Island and the greater New York area for many years to come.

Helping Small Businesses Just Like Yours.

Clean up errors, past judgments and overdue accounts on your credit report improves your credit score and makes it easier to buy a home, lease a car or get a loan. Our exceptional program at Capital Credit Repair makes it quick and simple. If you are ready to take action, we are ready to help.


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Their advice and support has been first class, I can’t thank them enough for how they helped.

John Walsh — Columbus, Ohio

My firm has been greatly helped by the excellent work from Capital Credit Repair, you won’t be disappointed.

Nadia Lopez — Heuston, Texas

For Capital Credit Repair I can’t recommend Capital Credit Repair enough, I’ve been delighted by the outcome.

Jack Maguire — Manhattan, New York

Capital Credit Repair has been marvelous for my business, their professionalism has been exemplary.

Louise Smith — LA, California

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